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About Downtown San Francisco

Community Information

Downtown San Francisco is a hub for activity and life in the city. The historic area of Union Square is often bustling with shoppers, tourists and locals all trying to get a taste of San Francisco. The area is packed with many attractions and amenities, including plazas and restaurants to satisfy everyone who visits the area.

In addition to Union Square, Downtown San Francisco is also home to the Financial District. Packed with Fortune-500 companies, it?s in the financial district that most of the business in San Francisco occurs. With a plethora of skyscrapers and buildings, every corner is home to a business.

Indian Food & Cuisine in Downtown San Francisco

Whether you?re in Downtown San Francisco taking care of business or checking out Union Square, if you are looking for quality Indian food, look no further than India Clay Oven! Our classic Indian Cuisine is sure to make your mouth water and satisfy your taste buds. If you are hungry and need a break from shopping, or picking up lunch for the office, India Clay Oven has everything you need! Make a reservation online or give us a call today at 415-626-1628, 415-255-2000 or 415-255-6000.

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